10 ml

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SIGNATURE SCENT (unisex)- Our Signature Scent is a soothing yet semi-sweet smelling aroma. First you smell a fresh herbal green tea, then a hint of sandalwood & amber, then chamomile & lilac and last a faint vanilla musk. This blend will engage your senses and when you walk into a room, they will ask what you are wearing! 

POMEGRANATE ROSE - This aroma smells of sweet pomegranates and a floral blend including rose essential oil, jasmine & more. Add this perfume to your selfcare routine! 

LAVENDER - The Lavender Perfume Roller is calming, warm and slightly spicy. The aroma smells of lavender essential oil blended with chamomile, vanilla, frankincense, myrrh & more.

CITRUS - The aroma smells bright and fresh! This scent will give you a boost of energy. First you will smell lemons, limes, oranges then a hint of bergamot and cedarwood essential oils completing a well-rounded long lasting citrus scent.

All perfumes are long lasting and ALCOHOL FREE.

Shake before use.

Apply to pulse points.