Chooze Me Time's Shower Steamers will invigorate your senses. If you need energy, relief from stress/anxiety, got a nagging headache, suffer from allergies/common cold or suffer from insomnia; try these shower steamers today!

Purchase as a set of 6 steamers. You can mix as much as you like or chooze all the same, please send a message with your choices at checkout.

Instructions: Place one shower steamer in the back corner of the shower, NOT in the direct flow of water. As the steam increases the aroma will get stronger. It's simple, just breathe in the aroma and enjoy a spa-like therapeutic experience.

Citrus (orange) will give you a boost of energy to get you ready for the day. It's a wake up morning call! The aroma is a blend of citrus fruits and woodsy essential oils.

Just Breathe (blue) will help alleviate allergies, congestion, headaches and the common cold. The aroma is a blend of menthol, eucalyptus, mountain rain and more.

Patchouli Spearmint (green) is for anytime you just want to relax and calm your anxiety. The aroma smells of patchouli, mint blend, cucumbers and aloe.

Lavender (purple) helps you to unwind from a long day, relieve you of stress, relax your mind to allow you a peaceful night of sleep. The aroma smells of lavender, chamomile, frankincense and more.

Pomegranate Rose (pink/red) smells of a blend roses, pomegranate, vanilla, jasmine and more.